Novatech debuts L-ISA Hyperreal Sound in Adelaide

Novatech debuts the first use of L-Acoustic’s new L-ISA Hyperreal Sound Technology for a live event in South Australia. Held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert was enhanced by a new way of delivering sound reinforcement – L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Hyperreal Sound.

L-ISA connects the audience to the performance by delivering sound that matches what they see to what they hear — sound that is clear, natural and highly intelligible and more accurately depicts the spatial location of the instruments and artists, creates a vibrancy and immediacy that’s often lacking in conventional live amplified audio. Artists, such as symphony orchestras, now have the technology at their disposal to more faithfully recreate how the composer intended the audience to engage with their music on a larger scale and in more varieties of venues.

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