System Design

The quality of an immersive audio experience depends as much on the loudspeaker configurations as the quality of the 3D audio processing engine. This is why the L‑ISA technology provides best-in-class design tools and guidelines for designing loudspeaker systems with unmatched performance.​

Hyperreal Sound

L‑ISA dramatically increases loudspeaker resolution to provide a natural and& intelligible soundscape that expands panorama and elevates realism.

This is Hyperreal Sound.​

Immersive Hyperreal Sound

L‑ISA can immerse the listener with sound from all directions to provide a sense of being inside the music.

This is Immersive Hyperreal Sound.​

Creative Configurations​

Create for Binaural, 5.1, Dolby Atmos, BluSpace Standard. Use L‑ISA to design audio domes, art installations, and more.​