Creative configurations

Immersive experiences can take many forms, from studio projects to massive audiovisual domes.​ For every use-case, the spatial audio experience can be tailored to fulfill the creative vision: It starts with choosing the best speaker configuration.

From Studio formats…​

L‑ISA supports all formats found in immersive studios: 5.1, 7.1.4 and other Dolby Atmos formats, NHK 22.2, and more.​

Start an L‑ISA project in the studio and bring it to higher-count, larger scale installations in a matter of minutes.​

…to amazing experiences

Spatial audio is an essential part of designing compelling art installations, digital experiences, product launches, or theme park creations.​

Considering sound trajectories, immersion, and what kind of interactions are wanted, an optimized sound system design is achieved through accurate predictions for sound localization or immersion.​

Domes of Sound​

When the concept of a stage or a front screen disappears, there is no more left or right. The sound comes from everywhere.​

L‑ISA technology supports any rectangular or spherical 3D layout of loudspeakers, with multiple layers, even below ground level. Such loudspeaker system designs can be qualified from the very early production stages thanks to L‑Acoustics Soundvision software.​

Learn more about L‑Acoustics Soundvision


The BluBubbles Sound Art label partnered with L‑ISA engineers to develop a truly authentic recording and playback format. BluSpace represents the culmination of three decades of research, experience, and vision. This multichannel technology revisits the fundamentals of musical reproduction by specifying identical conditions for recording and playback, elevating immersive sound to unprecedented levels of hyperrealism.​

Learn more about the BluSpace Standard​