Max Cooper

Building a Spatial Sound Show

Conversations With Friends

Audio-visual artist Max Cooper discusses his experience creating in L-ISA Studio for live shows and how the intuitive, immersive audio software gave him the ability to layer spatial sound to impact the overall musical and visual experience.  

For Max Cooper, using L-ISA was essential to creating a multi-dimensional audio experience for his Brixton Academy show. “I love escapism in music. I’m always trying to find ways of making the music wrap around you and extract you from the boredom of everyday life to somewhere more exciting, trying to have a really intense experience of some sort. Immersion is a really important part of that. Spatial audio gives an extra dimension of human expression, and that allows us to share our feelings and our experiences more directly.”  

Watch Max Cooper work with the new FX Engine, a part of L-ISA 3.0.