Natalie Houle, MFA Student, UC Irvine

Creating Multiple Sound Possibilities

In this creator video, we follow the journey of a second-year MFA sound design student from UC Irvine.

Vincent Olivieri, Professor of Sound Design at UC Irvine, talks about how the University got involved with working with L-ISA: “We brought all of our graduate MFA level sound designers and a couple of undergrads up to Westlake Village in California for a day-long visit to L-Acoustics’ North American headquarters. Natalie Houle was inspired and was sort of transformed and vibrating with energy. She was captivated by the possibilities of L-ISA and was committed to finding a way to use the L-ISA system in her work for the story of Bitty Mason on the UC Irvine campus.”

“Hearing my material in the studio, with the surround speakers, with the overheads, was incredibly inspiring, and it opened up a whole new door to me that I never really knew existed,” recounts Natalie.

She continues, “The concept of L-ISA is about making space for musical and sound elements. It could be a rock concert or a musical, but the concept is: Each element has its own [defined] bubble – whether that’s a wide bubble or a very small bubble. That solves a problem in my mind. All these shows I’ve heard before [that didn’t use L‑ISA] had a very crowded sound to them—the idea of having this [element] definition is a more musical and artistic way of approaching sound in general. That we can manipulate the sound—which feels like this abstract thing—into a solid object.”

Watch the video below as Natalie describes how impactful L-ISA was in bringing her sound design to life.