The Time of My Life

Grammy-winning producer Latroit with Bubbles, at L-Acoustics Inc. HQ, Westlake Village, California, USA.

A mutual friend introduced Latroit and Jason Bentley to the L-ISA technology because she believed that their sound would be a perfect match for the immersive technology, which turned out to be true.  

The track, a remix of Dance Your Tears Away by Grammy-winning artist and producer, Latroit (Dennis White), featuring Australian artist Charlz, was mixed at the L-Acoustics Los Angeles headquarters. A short video documenting the experience was also shot and released along with the track. Dance My Tears Away was remixed in 18.1, and output to binaural, and released for enhanced listening with headphones or earbuds. 

Latroit was blown away by the process stating, “The first thing that occurred to me was ‘Wow! I can put all these sounds in completely unconventional placements in the mix; won’t this be so interesting!’ But then I found myself doing stuff because I could, without overthinking whether or not I should. One of the L-ISA engineers at L-Acoustics did a great job of mentoring me through the discipline of tasteful restraint in the context. That said, I did manage to sneak in a few recreational mix moves for my own amusement.” 

He also talks about the amazing uses and possibilities of L-ISA with electronic music. “With L-ISA, we can do things with electronic music and synthesis that can’t be as easily done in the context of orchestral recording. For instance, I can move a sound from ‘here’ to ’there’ immediately, whereas, with an orchestral recording, it would be a whole ordeal to physically move the cellist in the same way. And fans of orchestral music, including myself, don’t want the traditional placements of orchestral sections to be too… jazzy, if you know what I mean. In electronic music, there isn’t much expectation of where a synthesized sound should live in a mix and how it should behave. So, it feels like there are more tasteful and reasonable options to explore. We electronic music producers, we’re really going to have the time of our lives creating and mixing in L-ISA.” 

Watch the video to learn more about the Latroit x L-Acoustics collab.